White Wines

2023 Orange


Hand-picked from Okanagan vines and delivered to us in New Westminster, this Gewurztraminer boasts a sunset hue, crafted through natural winemaking practices and skin fermentation for added weight and complexity. Aromas evoke a classic Aperol Spritz, transporting you to an Italian square in the sunshine. Notes of honeysuckle, orange peel, strawberry, and minerality create a truly unique profile. Pair with fresh pasta, olive oil, blistered cherry tomatoes, or a classic margherita pizza. Serve ice cold at sunset. Cheers!

Natural winemaking prioritizes minimal interference, allowing grapes to express themselves without extensive human intervention or additives. 

Orange wine, made from white grapes, gains its unique color and flavor by fermenting with prolonged contact between grape skins and juice.

Unfined and unfiltered

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