Mother's Day Event Saturday May 13th


Celebrate Mother's Day with flights of wine and chocolate!


1 x Flight of wine (4 x 1.5 oz) that includes a special sneak peak of our 2022 Rosé!

1 x Box of 4 locally handcrafted chocolate truffles by Crimp and Crumb Chocolates


2022 Gewurztraminer with Passion Fruit Cheesecake: Passion fruit pate de fruit, cream cheese ganache, caramel shell

2022 Rosé with Peaches and Cream: Peach pate de fruit, vanilla bean ganache, dark shell

2021 Merlot with Earl Gray Bergamot: Bergamot pate de fruit, earl gray ganache, milk shell

2020 Petit Verdot with Double Raspberry: Raspberry pate de fruit, raspberry dark chocolate, dark shell

*Price includes a 10% gratuity

 *A minimum of 48 hours notice of cancellation required for refund.

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